Codeavour 2022 is the biggest Global AI & Coding Competition hosted annually by STEMpedia at an International Level for students of Age Group 7-18 years, where they make innovative projects in PictoBlox with the destined purpose of making the world a better place. They get an opportunity to explore the exciting world of Artificial Intelligence, Coding and Robotics with interactive activities and projects and to develop critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and communication the four C’s of the 21st-Century Skills!









About Codeavour

Get to know everything about the Global Coding Competition here!


Select among these five inspiring themes and Brainstorm over emerging global issues and Build solution-oriented projects to Solve Real World Problems!

Automate the Surroundings

Make Smart Transportation System

Revolutionize the Agriculture

Save the Environment

Strengthen the Health Infrastructure

What Can You Make?

Unleash your potential of creating awareness stories, animations, games, innovative projects using PictoBlox and AI & Robotics Kits with your creativity and coding skillset!

Why Participate?

Participate & Compete at International level

Get Access to Learning Resources

Access to AI & Coding Bootcamp

Access to Premium Courses, Workshops, Hardware, etc

Work on the Best Innovative Ideas to Make the World a Better Place

Earn Certificate of Participation & Exciting Prices

How To Participate?

Registrations open on
10th October 2022.

Develop skills with interactive tutorials and AI Bootcamps.

Submit your innovations by
16th February 2023.

Find out the champions on
28th February 2023.


Prize School Name
EXCELLENT AWARD Man 1 Pasuruan Almer10Ahmad
EXCELLENT AWARD MAN 1 Semarang Citra11Maharani
EXCELLENT AWARD MTsN 1 Kebumen Ahmad8Indrabig
EXCELLENT AWARD MAN 1 Cilacap Anisa10Putri
EXCELLENT AWARD MAN 1 Cilacap Handika11Prasetya
EXCELLENT AWARD Nurul Fikri Boarding School Serang Jasmine7Firdiastuti
EXCELLENT AWARD Nurul Fikri Boarding School Bogor Satria12Firmansyah