White labeling allows a business to use its payment methods without investing time and money into designing, testing, and distributing a new payment system from scratch. After familiarizing yourself with the platform and adapting it to your business, it’s time for your https://www.xcritical.com/ merchants to join. The next step is to transfer them from other systems to the platform, integrate them into it, and help them learn the platform’s functionality with the help of your provider. The Future of Gaming Payment Processing – How your company can adapt to it.

  • Feature-rich functionality of the module makes it a favored option for businesses.
  • Benefit from having an advanced ready-made payment gateway and a team of payment experts at your service.
  • However, when you opt for a third-party solution, like the one offered by WLPayments, this issue can be addressed.
  • However, before realizing your eCommerce ambitions, you must first overcome a significant challenge.

Like Stripe, you may need some developer experience to get the most out of the API, but customer support can assist with more basic customization. This is a cheap and convenient solution for any business entity, even a small-sized one. In this way, it creates better conditions for SMEs (small and medium enterprises). Cardstream have quite a few pairs of ears at work, ears that are planted firmly to the ground. Our dedicated team and Account Managers work closely with our reseller partners. You are guaranteed a phone call during working hours to help with any issue with no automated voice intermediates, a ring or two and you’re through.

What is a payment gateway?

Our white-label solution has been used by Fortune 10 companies and the largest facilitators in North America. It includes professional services that allow you to customize and add any necessary functionalities. The dashboard setup takes up to 5-7 days as long as the connectors are integrated. In the meantime, integrating a white-label platform on-premise depends on the client’s infrastructure.

What is a white label payment gateway

The duration of going live, depending on the branding, technology, and integration requirements, can take between a week to a month. In contrast, developing a compensation option on your own would take at least six months to start functioning. A white-label payment gateway provides the following benefits to your business.

Highlights of choosing a White-label payment gateway

Using high-class software, businesses can adjust payment functionality to help the company look consistent. It is attained with the customization of payment pages, where a merchant’s logo and brand colors are added. Choosing the right payment gateway partner can be the key to your brand’s success, so try to approach the choice of white-label solutions as carefully as possible. Get the optimal payment setup for your industry to ensure better payment experience for you customers and win over competitors. When selecting a white-label payment alternative, search for a key that easily integrates with your current systems, such as your e-commerce platform or accounting software. Make sure the gateway provides well-documented APIs and SDKs that enable smooth integration.

What is a white label payment gateway

The relationship between sellers and consumers is dwindling because of the presence of multiple players in any industry. This has increased the competition, and using a white-label online payment gateway will give you the edge your business needs. White labeling is the practice of rebranding a white label crypto payment gateway product or service under the name of another firm. Customers may pay via a third-party gateway while utilizing the company’s brand name when employing a white-label payment gateway from a third party. Customers want to avoid paying through their digital wallets on an insecure payment platform.

Who uses payment gateways?

You will receive a white label payment gateway with a complete card-present solution, including SoftPOS and remote key loading mechanisms. For specific pricing details and to see a demonstration of the UniPay payment processing platform, contact us now. We’re ready to help you get to the next level with our products and services. Corefy is a universal feature-rich payment orchestration platform for online businesses and payment institutions. We integrate payment providers and acquirers all around the world to bring a unified communication, control, and management interface.

What is a white label payment gateway

When you use a white label solution, you eliminate this burden, as it is the service provider’s responsibility. Becoming a provider of payment gateway services, rather than merely a reseller, offers unique opportunities. As a provider of a white label service, you can set your own margins and become a more active part of the revenue stream.

Enables better customer retention

When choosing a white-label payment option for an international business, consider options that support various currencies and languages. This will make cross-border transactions smoother and appeal to a worldwide audience. In the case of payment gateways, it means that you can rebrand the checkout page so your customer is assured that they are making payment to you. The company must also be aware that such a setup requires ongoing updates in addition to routine supervision. You can choose a white-label payment gateway for your business, even if you are a small business.

What is a white label payment gateway